Hall of Fame Coach Bob Starkman

Euro-Grades Scouting Combine Coach.

International Scouting Experience.  College Coaching Hall of Fame.  Responsible for placing players all over Europe and G-League in the past 10+ years.  Has connections throughout the basketball world.  

Inside Both Courts
by Bob Starkman (Author), Joseph Pistone (Foreword)

Inside Both Courts is a gritty, forty-year, no-holds-barred look from inside my world of college basketball, the people I have met along the way, the War on Drugs, its successor, the War on Terror, and how basketball and law enforcement guided me in my successful careers, and more importantly as a family man.

About Bob Starkman
I am a I retired as a U.S. Customs street agent (New York and Miami), and a Hall Of Fame Junior College basketball coach. My previous Law Enforcement experience includes being a NYS and NYC Correction Officer as well as a NYC Deputy Sheriff. I am also a former college basketball player.

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